We are using professional server with 10 slots and no lags. So it‘s not cheap for us, so if you donate our server, you will get admin rank for few weeks.


Admin rank

4 weeks     3EUR

8 weeks     5EUR

12 weeks —   7EUR







If you wish to donate on a regular basis, we can arrange for a better amount or some special offer etc


Banner exchange:

If you want in main page of webpage a banner of your web, paste HTML code into your webpage and write me an e-mail with address of your webpage and HTML code of your 81x33px banner.










Basic commands

To cancel some command (eg. !ban, !kick, …) use prefix un, for instance: !unban player’s_nick

Server managment:

!menu - List of most of commands

!dcals - removes decals - explosion/bullet holes, blood, etc… (remove may affect server performance boost)

!motd - opens webpage with server rules

!nolag - freezes all props on server (ideal when bugged props are lagging server)


!strip player’s_nick - removes weapons from player

!jail player’s_nick - brings player into jail

!kick player’s_nick reason - „kicks” player from server (he is able to join immediately)

!ban player’s_nick time reason - bans player for some time (for instance !ban player’s_nick 1h shooting on spawn - to banning for minutes - without h)

!goto player’s_nick - teleports you to player

!bring player’s_nick - teleports player to you


Have fun on servers SGVE wishes ViktorK & eber

In case of doubt, or other problems, please email info@sgve.eu.
Created by eber as guide for both new and existing admins on servers SGVE.

If you have any questions about donating or you didn't received rank properly, contact us at info@sgve.eu.

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