Player rules (Tau’ri)

1. Any combat on the spawn planet (Earth) is prohibited, including…

· Any combat on the Earth or in its atmosphere is prohibited. This includes even ships or components that are just partially located in the Earth‘s atmosphere.

· Any player-combat on the spawn planet is prohibited.

· Both assaulting Earth from the space and attacking players in the space from the spawn planet are prohibited.

· All weapon tests are forbidden on the spawn planet. This also includes a ban on all naquaddah bombs/nuclear/area of effect weapons.

· Firepower should be used only in the most urgent cases.

· Every space ship or a space base HAS TO have a ship core! A spaceship without a ship core will be deleted!

· Ship cores can be found in „qmenu-tools-PewPew-Core“.

· We recommend Ship core Caldari, however, other ship cores can be used as well.

· No sending nukes to enemy’s ship by teleport (no asgard, rings, stargate etc…), no hitting enemy’s ship with props or other ship, no additional shields in ship (no stargate shields and asgard ship cores etc…). These rules are for fair space fight, please respect them.

2. Any vulgarisms, insults, groundless accusations of other players are strictly forbidden. Any racism or sexual content is prohibited too. Disrespecting is followed by a kick, or by banning the player (in cases of further disrespecting).

3. All players should respect players with a higher rank (respected, owner or admin).

4. Pretending to be a high-ranked player is strictly prohibited and followed by an immediate ban.

5. If you create an object which overly slows the server, you may be asked by an admin to delete the object. However, the object may be saved into the adv_duplicator (the condition is simply asking an admin to perform the action). Disobeying this will end up in a permanent deletion of the object.

6. This list includes only the most important rules. Some rules may be in effect even without being written here. That’s why you should obey (logical, of course) warnings of higher-ranked players. However, even admins may make mistakes J

7. If you see a player disobeying these rules, please report us with the player’s SteamID and a screenshot permitting the banned action and either send it to an admin or post it into our group’s page. We are serious about this and we try to solve the problem as soon as it’s possible.


Respected (Jaffa) rules

1. Respect the rules written in the “Player rules” section.

2. Godmode is used ONLY for server maintenance. DO NOT use it continuously and DO NOT abuse it!

3. Kicking players without a reason is forbidden.

4. Teleport (or any other) command is used only for helping players. Any other command uses are prohibited.

5. Play on server often and respect rules, or we can take you rank.


Admin (Wraith) rules

1. You should be to be a good example for the players, please obey also Player and Respected rules!

2. While deciding, if a rule was broken, please keep in mind if it was made on purpose or not, if (how much) it damages the server’s fluent function. Should you find the misuse harmless, you may leave the incident unpunished.

3. If you aren’t sure whether a rule was broken or not, feel free to contact another admin or the owner.

4. Check the server at least once a day ane be on Steam as often as possible.

5. Do NOT misuse your rank! Banning or kicking a player just because you want to is prohibited.


Owner (Prior) rules

1. Owners are supposed to uphold also Player, Respected and Admin rules.

2. Aside from 1. they are allowed to use special weapons (naquaddah bombs, overloaded ZPMs, stargate overloader etc.)

3. They may also give permanent bans in cases of repeated violations.

4. Whoever is unsure about anything, may contact the owner to solve the problem.

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